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My name is Marilynn Preston. My website is Lots of juicy detail there, maybe too much.
I created and still write Energy Express, the country's longest-running syndicated newspaper column on fitness and wellness. You can sample it at my syndicate’s website, It’s not a blog, it’s a newspaper column. Remember when there was a difference?
I began EN/X in 1976 – expertise, outrage and opinions about living a healthier, happier life—and it’s still a highlight of my long and wonderful career as a journalist, author, Emmy-award-winning TV producer, playwright and speaker. I’ve recently added Coach to my shameless stream of credits because I’ve been doing quite a bit of it lately, and seeing amazing results. Who would you be, what would you be doing, if you were living your best life? Change is tricky. Coaching makes it possible. See the website, or contact me, for details.
Before I get into the meat of all this –“identify and connect with strategic partners,” says CMeNow CEO Ric Davalos—I want to explain that the video you see posted on my page is not of me. I am not a 14-year-old Hispanic inline skater. It’s a sample of one of dozens on display at the new EnEx TV channel, soon-to-launch on YouTube.
"Play. Sweat. Explore." That’s our call to action. The EnEx channel is packed with Emmy award winning content about sports, fitness and adventure for kids of all ages. We motivate by example. Our 3-minute videos feature teens and tweens, telling their own stories, having their best time, from soccer and skydiving to aikido and bocce ball. Our Pro Knows videos are 90-second, how-to features that help kids develop and improve their skills. And we also offer kids a chance to send in their own videos and Mouth-Offs, making them part of our online EnEx Clubhouse.
My partner Amir Hasson ( and I are actively seeking strategic partners to help us guarantee a successful launch of the EnEx channel. If you have a professional or personal interest in helping kids grow up stronger, healthier, more active, less stressed, please find me and let’s discuss how we can work together. Don’t ask for money. That’s what we do: money, sponsors, networking, speaking engagements, whatever it takes to get the word out. Play. Sweat. Explore. That’s our mantra. If yours is even close, c me now.
And finally, a closing note about the not-for-profit, Chicago-based Girls in the Game. Every for-profit venture ought to adopt at least one not-for-profit, and I’ve adopted GIG. GIG is devoted to improving lives, one girl at a time. I was the founding chair 17 years ago and I’m still involved. Deeply. GIG develops, produces and promotes healthy lifestyle programming for girls. We teach them about sports, smart eating, positive body image and my favorite, yoga, not because we are grooming them to be star athletes but because we want them to grow up to be strong, happy, healthy women.
Our programs have been independently evaluated and they work. Our continuing work –GIG’s brilliant staff and Board—is to take the group from a regional to a national success, and for that, we need strategic partners. Cash is also good. Please visit and by all means, tell our trail-blazing CEO Amy Skeen that Marilynn sent you.

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Health Wellness and Fitness
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Syndicated columnist; Emmy award winning producer; speaker and coach

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